About heArthur

My name is Arthur van Buuren. I have worked with many different materials, but ultimately it is glass that makes my heart beat faster. That is why I present my work as ‘heArthur’.

My work builds on Dutch designers from the ‘80s like Mart van Schijndel and  Iwan Bulo. These designers transformed sheet glass into 3D-objects. The difference, however, is that I have developed my own, innovative ‘3D-glassfusion’-technique which allows me to fuse glass together, instead of using glue or other adhesives. This leads to a more durable result.

In my work I experiment with graphic forms and colors to create striking three-dimensional objects from glass. I am inspired by ‘working from the heart’, ‘empathy’, ‘connection’, ‘identity’, ‘being a twin’, ‘flowers’ and the Japanese philosophy ‘Wabi Sabi’ – perfection is in the beauty of imperfection.

fotocredit: Ingebjørg Kårstad

Short Curriculum Vitae:

2021 4-10 September: Presentation with 1000Vases during Salone di Mobile – SuperSalone Design show in Milan, Italy. It takes place at Superstudio Piu, Via Tortona 27, Milano (which finally takes place after postponing the original version in April 2020)

2021 Entry theglassprize.co.uk

2021 Entry glasaward.nl

Since 2020 I have a pop-up workshop where I develop and produce objects using my 3D-glassfusion technique

2020 Entry for ‘New Glass Now 2020’ (Corning museum of Glass) my work was described as: “This is very exciting! Made it to the last round – very nice!

2019-2020 I have learned the basics of glassblowing at Glazen Huis in Lommel, Belgium

2019 Exhibition ´Les enfants du Bauhaus´ (Boisbuchet, Frankrijk)

2018-2020  Glasscourses with Martine Knoppert in Den Haag. She has helped me to develop and tweak my 3Dglasfusion technique.

2018+2019 Workshops Corning Museum of Glass

Several of my objects now have happy homes in private collections. Such as one of the biggest designcollection in France.